Transparent and verifiable elections">Transparent and verifiable elections

I’ve just watched David Bismark’s presentation on Ted and wonder which African country is going to use this method first?
It solves a number of vital issues. By blending a sophisticated ballot paper, digital scanners, 2D bar-codes and computers a process is created that enables transparent and verifiable elections.
1) Voter intimidation
If you’re standing in a voting [...]

Convening Community through Stories">Convening Community through Stories

Infostate of Africa 2009">Infostate of Africa 2009

Infostate of Africa 2009

An awesome Applabs infographic showing the African continents trends in information technology and communication.

Sharing data to improve social business">Sharing data to improve social business

I’ve recently started following the database technology called FluidINFO.
FluidINFO is an openly writeable shared database.

Data can be dynamically organised, shared, combined, augmented and searched.

FluidINFO is conceptually simple:

Objects represent things
Tags describe data related to an object (and can optionally have a value)
Namespaces organise related tags
Permissions control who can act on what namespace, tag or value

This makes [...]

cittadelcapo – your capetonian guide to the mother city">cittadelcapo - your capetonian guide to the mother city

Countryman Media recently developed Citta’ del Capo. A travel site is designed for Italians visiting the Mother city.

The site is built to achieve two primary user experiences:

1. Find places of interest on the map.
Using OpenStreetmap we identify places and activities and put them on the map. These places are tagged in Italian and presented in [...]

Yochai Benkler: open-source economics">Yochai Benkler: Open-source economics

The Emergence of the Networked Information Economy

The most advanced economies in the world today have made two parallel shifts that, paradoxically, make possible a significant attenuation (loss of strength) of the limitations that market-based production places on the pursuit of the political values central to liberal societies.

The first move, in the making for more than [...]

Social Innovation Camp II, Dec 2008">Social Innovation Camp II, Dec 2008

Social Innovation Camp

Work(Preferred): 020 8980 6263

17-18 Victoria Park Square

London, E2 9PF

Social Innovation Camp II, Dec 2008 from The People Speak on Vimeo.