Application development

Using Geodjango an open source geographic web framework we collect and publish Microformat enabled data. This allows the user to search for a place of interest and once found save to contacts.

The site is built to achieve two primary user experiences:

1. Find places of interest on the map.
Using OpenStreetmap we identify places and activities and put them on the map. These places are tagged in Italian and presented in a list on the homepage. In addition we have added Microformats to the places so you can export the contact details.

2. Find accommodation in the area that’s right for you.
We’ve teamed up with so that you can make a hotel reservation. The pink circles on the map represent hotels. When you have decided where you want to stay click on the pink circle to book accommodation.

Citta’ del Capo connects users with local information in the international language of images, maps and tags. This intuitive connection to local information gives the user the ability to find what they want.

The site provides location-based services, in English and Italian, through the Geodjango geographic web framework.
Through PostGIS, Geographic objects are saved a Postgresql database. The site uses django-tagging and olwidget to present activities and hotel locations. Maps are served through the OpenStreetmap and Openlayers combination.
All location data is wrapped in a Microformat to facilitate indexing, search and information re-use.

Hotel reservation and transport reservation is enabled through and respectively.
Images are served through fancybox and hosted on Flickr.

Deployment is through the mod_wsgi module running on Apache 2 behind an nginx proxy.
The site is hosted on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 9.10

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