To Whom it May Concern

Mark Herringer, through his company Countryman Media, was approached by the South African Institute of Drug-Free Sport to develop the organisations web site.
A collaborative process followed and the web site was successfully developed within budget and the agreed timeframe.

On completion of the development the site was hosted and maintained for a period of 8 years until 2009. Throughout this period the security and integrity of the organisations data was successfully maintained.

One of the primary functions of the site concerned a database driven Drug-List that communicated the official status of registered over-the counter and prescription medications. This was developed and maintained in partnership with the Institute and a private consultant. From time to time the list received heavy traffic. The site managed this traffic well and kept its 100% uptime status intact.

I can recommend without reservation the software development and maintenance services Mark provides.

Please contact me should you with to discuss further any of the details discussed above.

Fahmy Galant
fahmy at
Doping Control Manager
South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport

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