PopTech 2009 Social Innovation Fellow Josh Nesbit">PopTech 2009 Social Innovation Fellow Josh Nesbit

PopTech 2009 Social Innovation Fellow Josh Nesbit from PopTech on Vimeo.

Harnessing Social production">Harnessing Social production

A Case for Open Data in Transit from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Open platform development">Open platform development

township Mom is a pilot project focused on:

the establishment of an open platform enabling the use and publication of open data.
the application of social production process to identify appropriate development services for mothers in the townships of Africa.


Moms living in the townships
Developers and social entrepreneurs looking to address social issues
Civic organisations looking to make the [...]

os process for social entrepreneurs">os process for social entrepreneurs

Os processes for_social_entrepreneurs
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Sharing data to improve social business">Sharing data to improve social business

I’ve recently started following the database technology called FluidINFO.
FluidINFO is an openly writeable shared database.

Data can be dynamically organised, shared, combined, augmented and searched.

FluidINFO is conceptually simple:

Objects represent things
Tags describe data related to an object (and can optionally have a value)
Namespaces organise related tags
Permissions control who can act on what namespace, tag or value

This makes [...]

Yochai Benkler: open-source economics">Yochai Benkler: Open-source economics

The Emergence of the Networked Information Economy

The most advanced economies in the world today have made two parallel shifts that, paradoxically, make possible a significant attenuation (loss of strength) of the limitations that market-based production places on the pursuit of the political values central to liberal societies.

The first move, in the making for more than [...]