Le Marchand de Sable">Le Marchand de Sable

Here is a description of a weekend (25/05/12) in Chamonix with my friend Rob Powell.
Mont Blanc > Tour Rouge > Le Marchand de Sable

Rob and I met at the Westway climbing gym in London. We decided that there had been a lot of talk about getting into the mountains…maybe..maybe too much talk ..so we [...]

Open platform development">Open platform development

township Mom is a pilot project focused on:

the establishment of an open platform enabling the use and publication of open data.
the application of social production process to identify appropriate development services for mothers in the townships of Africa.


Moms living in the townships
Developers and social entrepreneurs looking to address social issues
Civic organisations looking to make the [...]

cittadelcapo – your capetonian guide to the mother city">cittadelcapo - your capetonian guide to the mother city

Countryman Media recently developed Citta’ del Capo. A travel site is designed for Italians visiting the Mother city.

The site is built to achieve two primary user experiences:

1. Find places of interest on the map.
Using OpenStreetmap we identify places and activities and put them on the map. These places are tagged in Italian and presented in [...]