Transparent and verifiable elections

I’ve just watched David Bismark’s presentation on Ted and wonder which African country is going to use this method first?
It solves a number of vital issues. By blending a sophisticated ballot paper, digital scanners, 2D bar-codes and computers a process is created that enables transparent and verifiable elections.
1) Voter intimidation
If you’re standing in a voting booth in Zimbabwe or the Sudan thinking about who to vote for you can rest assured that you’ll be concerned that the heavy in the corner is going to check your vote and see if you voted ‘right’. Davids process includes a ballot paper with a perforation down the middle that allows the candidate list to be separated from your selection and encrypted value making it impossible to see who you voted for.
2) Vote accuracy and verification
By scanning the encrypted bar-code and counting your encrypted vote computers do the heavy lifting of counting and publishing the results securely. Voters are able to take the slip home as a receipt for verification over the web at a later date.

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